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The Internet can be a powerful tool for missionary work.

Write your testimony and publish it online. When co-workers and others you meet have questions about your faith, you can point them to a website if the situation doesn’t allow for you to tell your conversion story or bear your testimony in full. Thousands of people interested in Clayton Christensen’s professional work have been introduced to his faith through a page on his personal website called “Why I Belong, and Why I Believe.”

When you set deadlines to write about and share your faith online, you can experience urgency and direction in your scripture study, strengthening your personal conversion.

Writing about your faith is an easy opportunity to ask for help from people you want to share the gospel with. We’ve asked friends to review drafts of blog posts and provide feedback about whether our words are understandable to someone unfamiliar with our doctrine. We’ve invited friends, neighbors and associates to write guest posts on topics harmonious with the Savior’s teachings.

In addition to asking others for help, consider what we do know about what people are looking for online. This list of popular Google searches about religion shows how often people are searching for particular topics.

Because we cannot predict who is interested in being taught by full-time missionaries, it is important that we meet new people regularly. Online missionary work is great for stay-at-home mothers and people who find themselves with limited opportunities to meet new people face to face.

Form a team of online missionaries; support each other in regular meetings where you discuss experiences, solve common problems, follow up on each other’s deadlines and speculate who’s missing from your list of potential guest bloggers. If you would like more information about how to do this, please reach out to us.

Whether you write and share from Seattle or Moscow, people from Shanghai to Miami can feel the Spirit of God by reading the words you publish online to testify of Jesus Christ and how following His example blesses your life.
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