Share At Work Confidently

Because work is a place where we can most readily meet people and engage in conversations about the gospel, Satan is very committed to stop this from happening. This might be the biggest battle we have with Satan.

Over the years, we have found the following to be true:

  • There are many people at work who believe in God and are anxious to talk about Him. In many cases after we talked about God, people came forward expressing gratitude for us having done so. They said they felt liberated to speak of Him as well.
  • Explaining what we believe is not the only way to boldly and directly share the gospel. We can use the gospel to develop solutions to problems and challenges at work. Our associates can feel the Spirit of God as they see gospel principles applied to situations they encounter every day.
  • Because the truth works, there is no reason why we ever need to feel timid in using it, nor in mentioning where we learned it and have practice using it.
  • Just as we use Mormon words in everyday conversation, we can and should describe gospel principles in the same matter-of-fact tone of voice with which we might draw upon an article in the Wall Street Journal or Science.

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