We Succeed When We Invite

We succeed as member missionaries when we invite people to learn and accept truth. We give them the opportunity to exercise their agency.

We have observed this general pattern—one in four people we invite to learn more say “yes.” A friend of ours, Ben, applied this in a very interesting way. He didn’t feel he wanted to be told “no” three times so he set a goal that he would be told “no” once. The first person he asked said “no.” That was easy and he succeeded! Ben then set a goal to find three additional people to say “no.” He was surprised when the next person accepted his invitation. He learned that inviting people really is easy because you succeed when you invite, regardless of how it turns out!

When the background of our invitations is love, every invitation is a success because it is an expression of our love for others. God’s love for His children is completely unaffected by the choices they make, and we too can love people regardless of their responses to our invitations.

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