We Cannot Predict & Should Not Judge

Some people say missionary work is manipulative, and we believe that is because they have been taught incorrectly. Building a friendship is not a prerequisite to inviting people to learn about the gospel. The only way all people can have the opportunity to choose or reject the gospel of Jesus Christ is for us, without judgment, to invite them to follow the Savior. We need not and should not alter our relationships with others in order to invite them to be taught by missionaries.

At a few times in our lives we wrote lists names of people we wanted to share the gospel with. We thought we could judge and therefore excluded from our efforts to share many people whose lifestyle, habits or appearance made them seem unlikely candidates. As we reflect upon those who have joined the Church, however, few of them would have been on our list of “likely members” when they first encountered the Church.

We simply cannot know in advance who will and will not be interested in learning about the Church.

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