Latter-day Miracles

Many of us have read stories of large groups of people joining the Church, whether from the early 1800s when members like Wilford Woodruff converted near entire townships, or, in later times, when pioneer members in Ghana brought thousands into the Church even before it was officially established there.

Often the record of these events shows us what happened but offers less insight about how the work was done.

We’ve collected a number of stories of extraordinary miracles that happened in our day and present them in Everyday Missionaries, along with how the miracles were done. We share these stories to help you see how everyday members of the Church have introduced the Savior and His gospel and have seen and participated in miracles in building the kingdom of God.

The stories include:

Additionally we’d like to include other stories that were not included in the book:

  • A Branch President with a vision for a new chapel to be built leads a group of twelve members to expand to over 200 in nearly two years—with the help of a telephone book.
  • A full-time missionary in Boston said to herself, “missionary work is just loving people, and it’s easy to love!” As she loved the people in her ward and inspired them to love their friends, they invited dozens of people to be taught by her and her companion. In six months, the ward baptized 14 people.

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