We asked questions with the Spirit

Hello, and thanks a ton for this inspiring website.

My name is Joaquin, a convert from Spain currently living in USA.

The other day I was invited by the missionaries to assist them in teaching a discussion to a group of three potential investigators (teachers from Ecuador). These wonderful ladies had concerns about accepting modern prophets and the apostasy. As we met, I felt impressed to ask them the following questions:

“Well, I would like you to answer the following questions, please. Answer with all honesty and sincerity, please. Are you completely sure that with the death of the apostles the authority was not lost?”

They all responded, “No, we are not sure.”

I could feel a Spirit of peace and truth that was supporting their being honest in their answers.

Then, I asked, “Even if it sounds new to you, is there a possibility that the authority was indeed lost as the missionaries just explained to you and that God knew that such thing would happen?”

They all answered, “Yes, there is a possibility.”

Then, I asked, “Is it possible that if such authority was lost that God, in His wisdom, called a prophet in these days to restore his priesthood and authority, the same one Christ the Lord gave to His apostles?”

They all answered, “Yes, it is possible.”

Then, both the Elders and I testified that such is the case. God knows all things and this was part of His plan, the restoration.

There were other similar questions, such as, “Which method do you think God may use to restore again his authority?” and so on.

These questions led to further discussion and these wonderful investigators were more open to listen to our message with less mental obstacles. As we helped them to put down some preconceptions and to be open to accept the possibility of modern and living prophets and a restoration of the true Church of Christ on the earth.

We have been back to help them to resolve their doubts and concerns by asking them more questions and sharing our testimonies and some scriptures that support our message. And most importantly, whenever we have been back to teach them, we have had the Holy Ghost accompanying us in such discussions. Otherwise, there is very little we can do in our teaching. And the Spirit was with us because we strive to live our lives in such a way that the Spirit may walk with us.

Now, less than a month later from that experience, these three ladies keep attending church with us. One of them has a baptismal date in two weeks.

I can see that asking the right questions at the right moment (as a result of our preparation and as prompted by the Spirit) will always help those investigating to increase their openness to receive more and more, until a testimony of the Spirit may penetrate their hearts.

Blessings to all those working in this wonderful cause of truth and joy.

One of your brothers in the gospel,

-Joaquin F., Spain