“I ain’t LDS, and I ain’t gonna be LDS:”  Famous last words

This experience relates to three principles:  setting goals and deadlines to your work, creating conversations about the gospel, specifically what they're interested in isn't what we're interested in, and finally sharing the Gospel at work.While I was on my mission  Elder Ballard suggested setting a date once a quarter, so that's what I've been doing. I live in Provo, Utah and go to BYU—so the ...

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We asked questions with the Spirit

Hello, and thanks a ton for this inspiring website.My name is Joaquin, a convert from Spain currently living in USA.The other day I was invited by the missionaries to assist them in teaching a discussion to a group of three potential investigators (teachers from Ecuador). These wonderful ladies had concerns about accepting modern prophets and the apostasy. As we met, I felt impressed to ask them t ...

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He lives, and I shall conquer death!

Afn elderly friend, Rosemary, called me on the phone crying and asked that I come down to the hospital. Her husband, Bob, had been fighting cancer and wasn’t going to make it through the night.Upon arriving, I noticed the feeling in the room was so different than the beautiful experience I had when my own grandpa died of cancer. Grandpa lived a wonderful life, and even in his last hours on the e ...

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