Teach How To Keep The Sabbath Holy

When we invite people to come to church with us, consider church attendance is one part of what we are really asking them to do.

God’s commandment is to keep the Sabbath day holy.

If we only invite people to church, they may not know how to keep the rest of the day holy. Before and after church services, they may engage in activities that are unholy, stunting their progress toward conversion.

Long before Sunday comes, ask investigators to write a list of unholy things people do on Sunday. Then ask them to write a list of holy things you could do on Sunday. Ask them simply, “Will you promise this Sunday you won’t do any of these unholy things and instead fill your day with these holy things?”

When people have thought through what they will and won’t do on Sunday before Sunday comes, they then know how to arise, pray and go forth, confidently obeying God’s command to keep the Sabbath holy.

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