Experiences come when sought after

I had a great experience today that I have to share.  It’s about setting goals and deadlines and sharing the gospel confidently at work.

I just had a solid missionary moment. I have an acquaintance at work that I see every now and then. Finally today I learned she is from Brazil, and we started talking in Portuguese. She was so excited when she heard I was Mormon because they were her best friends back home. She’s going to try and reconnect on Facebook with the missionaries that taught her, and at some point we’re going attend the nearby Portuguese branch together.

This past Sunday I told the full-time missionaries in my ward that I’d invite at least two people over the next month to take a lesson(s) from the “full time teachers” (missionaries).

Experiences come when looking for them!

-Jonathan C.

Cambridge, MA

May 20, 2015 Uncategorized