Eager to serve

If like me you have found member missionary work to be very frustrating, I highly recommend Everyday Missionaries. And I have served as ward mission leader three times! My problem was that I didn’t really know how to share the gospel properly, or I did know and I didn’t properly execute. Part of the frustration is that I have fond memories of successfully sharing the gospel as a young missionary in Hawaii.

Everyday Missionaries just became available as an ebook in January 2013. Being familiar with Clay Christensen and some of his previous writings, I was anxious to read this one, especially as my wife and I prepare for a mission to Thailand. I am two-thirds of the way through the book and find it very interesting. I am anxious to try some of the ideas. I believe that some of the ideas may be helpful with members of the Church who participate infrequently, especially those in chapter three, which talks about asking people to help. Asking people to help is a way to open up possible opportunities to share the gospel or to get people involved with Church members and service.

Christensen was an Area Authority for the Church when my wife and I were serving a CES mission in New York City, and he spoke at a stake conference while we were there. When we returned from New York, his son was a missionary in our stake, and we had he and his companion to dinner a couple of times. The son was an outstanding missionary.

I was also impressed with the efforts taught in the book of getting the youth involved in digital missionary work. I hope some of our grandchildren will have such an opportunity in preparation for their missions. That is why an email is going to the parents of our 12 grandchildren, even though our oldest grandchild is only 13.

I am wondering how we may use some of these ideas while serving as humanitarian service missionaries in Thailand. When we were in Thailand 10 years ago serving as humanitarian service missionaries, one senior couple also serving as humanitarian service missionaries were very successful in inviting some of the English teachers that they worked with to their home for family home evening. If the people showed any interest in the gospel, this couple referred them to the missionaries. As I recall, a number of baptisms came from this.