Everyone wants to be needed

I have an experience about how people are willing to serve.

Recently we held our semiannual BBQ at the seminary at which I work. It is a huge event at which we serve nearly 3000 people in two hours. We were very shorthanded with volunteers this year to serve up the thousands of cups on lemonade.

One of the students from the high school, who I could tell was not one of our seminary students, came up to ask if she could help. I said, “Certainly!” and explained that I could not excuse her from her class if that is where she was supposed to be. She told me she did not have a class during the second lunch and would love to help. I thanked her and we stood shoulder to shoulder making sure our guests had lemonade to go with their burgers and hot dogs.

I talked to her about seminary and explained that anyone could enroll, member of the Church or not. She asked questions about what we teach, and I answered her questions. During a short break, I rushed to my office and grabbed a Book of Mormon, For the Strength of Youth pamphlet, and a Mormon.org card. I said, “As a thank you for helping us, I have a few gifts for you.” She was gracious when I told her that I would put them with her books.

This young lady may not ever attend seminary or ask to meet with the missionaries, but she felt needed and wanted at our seminary BBQ. It was fun to see such a sweet girl with such a great desire to serve others. She reminds me there are many people out there who will happily respond to our invitations to serve.