My friend followed up by inviting me to his church!

About a month ago, I traveled to Virginia to meet my brand-new, tenth grandchild. I flew from Dulles to Norfolk and found myself sitting next to a well-groomed, handsome young marine, returning from maneuvers in Texas. We chatted about the service and our families, and he showed me videos of some of the exercises he had just attended. I sprinkled my conversation with “Mormon” words, and at the conclusion of the flight, I presented him with my business card. Several days later he called me and invited me to attend a missionary conference on a weeknight at the Tabernacle Baptist Church!

I told him I would be pleased to attend. I spent the evening with polite, well-dressed people who love the Savior and sang with enthusiasm and conviction. I said amen in different parts of the service than they did, but they were very courteous to me. I filled out a referral card and listed my religion as “The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints,” (sometimes referred to as Mormons).

After the service, I chatted with a number of folks and responded to their specific questions by explaining how Mormons believe that we are saved. Because I had attended their meeting at their request, I had gained a measure of authenticity in their eyes. I bore a fervent testimony of my love for Jesus Christ as my Savior and redeemer, and I supported my explanations by quoting pertinent New Testament scriptures. I said I was pleased that my friend had the courage and conviction to invite me to their meeting and extended an invitation to them that if they ever found themselves in Henderson, Nevada they should feel free to come and attend church with me.

I left, warmed by the Spirit, knowing that I had been successful in setting a good example for my Baptist friends about what a Mormon believes and how a Mormon acts.

-Mike Bennion. Henderson, NV

May 26, 2015 Uncategorized